Directorate of Industries (Registrar of Firms)


The Registrar of Firms is the Director of the Directorate of Industries, the Directorate of Industries is the attached formation of the Industries, Commerce, and Technical Education Department of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Registrar of Firms or Director Industries is responsible for the registration of firms/businesses, NGOs, and societies. The department has big potential to improve the ranking in the Ease of Doing Business index. The societies are registered under the Societies registration act of 1960, whereas the firms/businesses are registered under the Partnership Act 1932. To register a society or an NGO, they need to have a 7-member board of governors along with their designations specified. They have to show how they will be running the society/NGO. After the aforementioned information is received, the department forwards it to the police department as well as their District officers to physically verify the information.


Services offered: 

  • Firm registration

  • Alteration in partner 

  • Alteration in the firm name


Services checklist 


Firm Registration:

  • All Authorized signature scanned copies upload 

  • Magistrate first-class signature

  • Magistrate signature scanned copy 

  • Partnership deed

  • The license of attesting notary public 

  • Partners CNIC copy 




Alteration of Firm:

  • CNIC

  • Attested signature upload 

  • Revised Partnership Deed (IN ENGLISH) 

  • License of Attesting Notary Public 

  • Treasury Challan 

  • Witness Signature


Partner Alteration:

  • Partner signature attested.


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