Inspectorate of Electricity


The Inspectorate of Electricity is established under the Electricity Act, 1910 and NEPRA Act 1997 for the Administration, implementation, and enforcement of the following Acts and Rules: (Electric Inspectorate, n.d.)

  •  Electricity Act, 1910
  • Electricity Rules, 1937
  • West Pakistan Finance Act, 1964
  • Electricity Duty Rules, 1964
  • Cinematograph Apparatus Rules, 1962
  • NEPRA Act, 1997 (Section 38).
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Procedures relating to violation of instructions) Order, 2002


This department is responsible for giving NOCs for the new construction of residential and commercial projects. Currently, there isn’t any system being used to digitalize or automate these processes. There are two main forms that are used, these are mentioned below:


  • Inspection Request Form
  • Complaint Form


The Inspections fee is divided into 3 categories. Those are the following:


  • Class (A) (Electric Inspectorate, n.d.)
  • Class (B) Transformer Generator (Electric Inspectorate, n.d.)
  • Class (D) (Electric Inspectorate, n.d.)


The Following complaints will be entertained by the Electric Inspectorate online through the digitalized portal by using the process flow as given below.


  • Overbilling
  • Defective meter
  • Assessment
  • Disconnection
  • Fatal/Non-Fatal connections


Services offered:

  • Complaint 

  • Request for inspection 



  • Required load - for an inspection request 

  • Account reference number - for complaint