Directorate of Labour


The Directorate of Labor (like its administrative Department i.e. The Labor Department) is the custodian of the guaranteed rights of the workers like the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining, participation in the affairs of the respective organization, health & safety, minimum wages, compensation, etc. For the realization of its role, it enforces various labor laws. Through the implementation of the labor laws, ensures compliance with the International Labor Standards and thus contributes to achieving GSP, GSP+, GSP++, MFN, etc. status by securing higher positions in the grading system applied by the granting countries, regions, and organizations. It also enforces an international system of weights and measures in the province. Besides, it carries out awareness-raising drives in the workers, employers, and other stakeholders on labor issues, labor laws, and contemporary issues.


Services offered:

  • Registration of factories

  • Registration of shops


Services checklist:

  • Total number of workers

  • Date of establishment 

  • Manager information

  • Registration of factory

  • Name of occupier

  • Name of factory

  • Address of factory 

  • amount  of moving power used

  • Greatest number of persons simultaneously employed anywhere within the precints of the factory on any one day in the year 


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